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'''Gustav Adolf Deissmann''' (7 November 1866 – 5 April 1937) was a German Protestant theologian, best known for his leading work on the Greek language used in the New Testament, which he showed was the ''koine'', or commonly used tongue of the Hellenistic world of that time.A. Gerber, 'Gustav Adolf Deissmann (1866-1937): trailblazer in biblical studies, in the archaeology of Ephesus, and in international reconciliation’, ''Buried History, Journal of the Australian Institute of Archaeology'', 41, 2005, pp. 2-3.
Birth name| birth_date = {{Birth date|1866|11|07}}
Birth placeLangenscheid
Death date{{Death date and age|1937|04|05|1866|11|07}}
Death placeWünsdorf
Other namesDeißmann
Known forwork on the Greek language used in the New Testament
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